Let all be one

Let all be one;
Let all the world be one;
We are all one people;
Nothing should divide us;
Color should not;
Language should not;
Neither should culture;
Nor Geography;
Nor social status;
Weather we are rich
Or poor,
That should not divide us;
We are all humans;
Children of one Father,
Created by one God;
With the same needs,
And basic aspirations;
We have no reason
To be divided;
And to be quarrelling
And fighting;
And killing one another;
We fight over resources;
We each want to be superior;
To be calling the shots;
What good is that?
All that is vanity;
The resources of the world
Are enough for all;
If shared equitably;
And we can do so
If we leave out greed;
And love one another;
What is difficult in that?
Let us make all the world
One world;
One people;
Working together
In love and peace;
For a world enjoyable to all.

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