You go! It’s time to go!

If your people want you,
Stay with them;
If they don’t want you, go!
It’s time to go,
Better you quit;
That is what they want;
And that will not be
For their good,
It will be for yours also;
Don’t insist on staying;
It’s better for everyone,
That you go;
Because, if you don’t,
It will be like,
You are imposing yourself;
That, surely, is not right;
Unless you are a dictator;
You don’t impose yourself
On people as their leader;
Leaders respond to the will
Of their people;
Mind you:
You are there to serve,
And not to be served;
You are there to care
For the interest
Of your people,
And not your own interest;
So if they don’t want you,
You don’t impose yourself;
You don’t insist on staying;
If they want you out,
You go!
Be off!
Pack your bags and leave
It’s time to go.

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