Let us soft land

Are you ready to rejoin me?
I like us to soft kand;
Now that I am back,
I hope you will bounce back;
Just as I have done;
That’s how life should be;
Falling and rising;
Not lying down flat forever;
When the ball hits the ground ,
It bounces back
And keeps rolling;
Life is a marathon,
And on the way, many potholes,
No one can expect it
To be smooth,
Like the body of a snail;
Fields of roses, it has;
Loads of thorns it has also;
Which will pierce you
If you grip them foolishly;
Stay clear of the thorns;
Enjoy the beauy of the roses;
Bounce back like me;
So we may continue
What we started beautifully;
Let us take it
To a soft landing;
What we call a happy end.

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