The best days are ahead

Things are not fully fine
But they are better;
Nothing is yet certain,
But we are surer;
The sky is still full of
Black clouds,
But rain seems far away;
The night is still dark,
Yet, we are finding our way;
But it’s not our doing;
It’s the Almighty God;
We are still far from what
Our heart desires,
But much closer than ever;
Our spirits aren’t yet flying,
But are up and getting ready;
There’s reason to be happy;
Who could see this coming?
It seemed so farfetched;
The future was so bleak;
But with rays of sunshine
In the horizon,
At the end of the tunnel;
We can only thank God,
The almighty Architect;
Hope, there is,
That the best days are coming;
The best days are ahead.

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