Learning is the key

I have been learning to be a better blogger. My search has been fruitful. I have got new insights in blogging which will benefit me and my readers.

Today, I discovered how to increase traffic to my site. I learned some of the errors I must avoid to increase the ranking of my blog posts on search engines. I wish I had known what I now know much earlier. However, it is not too late.

Someone had already told me learning was the key to success in blogging, but I did not take it serious at the time. That was unfortunate. Now, I do.

Each time I learn how to do something, my performance will jump. But when I don’t, firstly, I will find difficulties to do it, and secondly, I will end up not doing it well.

I have just had a good time learning about weak words that can hurt someone’s writing. The lesson rewarding.

One of such words is ‘thing’. Before now, I would have already used this word many times in this post; and that would have stood out like hollowness in my vocabulary. I have learned how this word can be avoided. There are many other words one can use in its place. Let me give an example. Instead of saying “Here are five things you can learn…” you can say, “Here are five lessons you can learn…”

I will make sure I apply this knowledge to enhance the quality of my writing.

Another word is ‘stuff’. I have avoided this word in this post because I read about it today as a weak word that writers should not use frequently. Before now I would have written “I just avoided…”. You can see I have left out the word ‘just’ because I have learned it is a weak word that lowers the quality of writing.

In all, I got eight words that are considered weak and which we should watch out when we write.

I had known about the word ‘very’ as one we should be careful how we use it, but not the word ‘amazing’. I thought amazing was such a smart word to use and, indeed, I used it pretty often. Now, I know better.

I am delighted I took time to follow today’s lesson. In addition to it, I learned about the length of a good blog post. I have always loved short posts because they are easy to write and to read. Hardly did I know they do not rank high on search engines.

A good post with a chance to rank well on Google search engines should be at least 300 words. This is no easy task. It requires good planning and sufficient research to have enough information. Also, it goes without saying, that you will need to sharpen your writing skills to write in a way that your readers will not be bored reading.

This is where learning becomes paramount. There are experts who can help you master writing skills that will enable you to write captivating blog posts.

What I have learned is it is much better not to write at all than to write what nobody will read. Wouldn’t that be a waste of time? No one can afford to waste their time when it has become one of humanity’s most precious commodities.

Let me reiterate for emphasis that learning is indispensable capital for success. Spend a lot of time learning how to enhance your performance in your chosen field. If you are a blogger, learn what it takes to write, thrilling, captivating, magnetic, rewarding blog posts. That is the secret.

Now, I have no doubt in my mind that learning a the key. It will unlock your door to success and achievement. When you learn, you know and can do. And when you do it well, you will get excellent results. In other words,you reap an abundant harvest.

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