And I almost gave up

Give glory to God;
All say “hurrah!”
At last we made it;
And not in any easy way,
We made it in a big way;
In grand style.
I call it flying colors;
And I almost gave up;
I would have missed;
And missed badly;
And regreted all my life;
What a big lesson I learn;
You never give up;
You have heard this again
And again, haven’t you?
Don’t be tired
Of hearing it;
Let it be said a hundred times;
Let it be said a thousand times;
Let it be sung like a song
In the morning, afternoon
And evening;
Do not be tired of hearing it;
And let giving up be is
The last thing you do;
Don’t give up;
When you give up, you lose;
All the effort you put in,
Winners have some qualities
That are common to all;
They know their destination;
Where they are going;
Why they are going;
Or what they are going there for;
Do you know where you are going?
Why you are going?
What you are going there for?
They want to do what they want;
They want to do it and succeed;
They are determined;
They are focused;
They put in their best,
Leaving nothing behind.
If you do like them,
There’s nothing to stop you
From getting to the last rung
Of the ladder of success.
See how happy I am;
Because I made it big,
And I almost gave up.


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