Don’t build a monster to devour you

You have to be careful;
You don’t build a monster;
He will turn around
And devour you.
Have you seen the fellow
Who is drunk
Without a taste of alcohol?
I have;
He is so eccentric;
What makes him drunk?
You, sure, find it bizarre;
He’s drunk of money;
He drinks money as wine;
And that makes him whimsical;
Haven’t you heard about him?
He loves money to a fault;
Maybe love isn’t strong enough;
That should not be
The right word;
I should say he ‘adores’ money;
Yes, he adores money;
Maybe worships is best;
He worships money;
When you listen to him
All that he talks is money;
No matter what you say,
He hears money;
He values money more
Than human beings;
So capricious!
Rather than lose money,
He’ll prefer to lose people;
If people die,
Even in their numbers,
He doesn’t care a pinch;
Take a disaster;
Or any other tragic event,
He won’t weep;
Because he doesn’t care;
It doesn’t matter to him;
But let him lose a mite;
He will be inconsolable.
Tell me
What to call such a freak;
A brute or a human being?
Would you have him
For your leader?
Hmmmmm! Tyrant!
Unless you’re odd like him;
Wayward like him;
Brute like him;
Wicked like him;
Tyrant like him,
You can’t like him;
Greedy leader he’ll be;
He can only rule by his whims
And caprices.
This is what happens
If we allow money to enter
Our head.
Watch out for people who worship money.
Don’t ever let them have a taste of power.
They will do what they like;
Break the rules;
Trample on people;
Kill at will;
And only God can call them to order.
Don’t built a monster!
If you built a monster,
How will it not devour you?
If it’s sinking,
It will sink with you.

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