If we hated hate

The pain of hate is acute;
When its ugly head
It carries around the place;
Much evil it inflicts on man!
Suffering untold at times;
And sorrow in human heart;
The venom of animosity
Flows from human heart;
Feelings so bitter,
Quinine is sweeter;
Harm is all it knows to cause;
See destruction its done
Already to the world;
Year in, year out;
Enmity and hostility,
A a real bad thing
For our planet;
Humans aren’t meant for rancour;
Ill feelings, antagonism
Not for us;
As harm is all it knows;
Protests and violence,
Its harvest;
Humans of so much deprived;
Especially of the peace
They so much value and need.
Keep hate away;
The haters, keep outside;
Their hate speech stifle;
Hostility, don’t let it grip your heart;
For it becomes hard to leave;
And gives it a bitter taste,
That deprives life of joy;
No pain of hate we want;
Keep it out of site;
Keep the pain of hate away
Let hate have no home here
Aversion, resentment, detestation, let’s abhor.
The only thing worth hating
Is hate.
If we all hated hate,
Imagine the world!
What it would be!

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