What is wrong with America?

What is wrong with America?
What is wrong with the country
I so much love and admire?
What is wrong
With the number one country
In the world
Land of liberty;
Land of opportunity;
I am honestly worried
And confused and lost;
What is the matter
With great America?
Uncle Sam;
The New World;
Where is the American dream?
That, I want to know;
What is wrong with the people?
Aren’t they so well known
For their brilliance?
And their courage?
And their creativity?
And especially their love,
And commitment to Democratic values?
I mean truth;
There must be something seriously wrong;
I can’t understand!
My favourite country
Simply intrigues me;
I can’t fathom what’s come over
The great men and women
On the world,
That for many years I adored;
Is it normal they allow
A dementia
To lead them?
Is Doomsday around?
They were my role models;
Because they stood
For what was right;
They stood for the truth;
For justice;
The dignity of the human person;
Yes, human rights;
Today, I am lost;
The unscrupulous find their way,
The honest are behind the bars;
Do you a Mso Tse Tung?
A Leonid Breznev?
An untouchable
As of the days of old?
When freedom was yet unborn?
What is going on?
Is the world turning upside down?
What is wrong with America?
What is wrong with the leader
Of the free world?
I like somebody to tell me.
The dream land of all and sundry?
The land that was known
And loved
In all the nooks and crannies
Of the planet.

3 thoughts on “What is wrong with America?

  1. I grieve for my country and what we have become. Our president sows hatred and division, and I do not understand how we Americans could have allowed this to happen. I look ahead with hope to our upcoming election and pray that we choose a president who will bring us together and restore integrity to our government.

  2. What a poignant article. My humble response is: Americans( but not all-there is a remnant following and praying with God) have abandoned God and are on the destructive path of annihilation…the remedy is simple: repentance and God will forgive America and re-establish Her to be a beacon of light for the world. Thank you for this much needed reflection.

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