Take the road to Paradise

Take the road to Paradise;
If it is Paradise you seek,
Miss not your way;
If we want to go to heaven,
Take the road that leads there;
What is it most in life
You cherish?
Heavenly riches or
Earthly possessions?
Where sits your heart,
What is your priority;
Are you focused
On earthly wealth
Or on heavenly treasures?
That’s where sits your life;
On that foundation
On which you build
The edifice of your life,
Shall your life stand;
I shall build mine
On a bedrock.
The foundation
Of the Word of God;
I shall seek first,
The kingdom of God;
And can you guess what?
Eternity will be my reward;
“All these other things
Shall be added unto you”;
Thus, teaches the Bible.
When you seek God,
The King of the universe,
Surely you find;
And when you find God,
Abundantly, he rewards you.
No one seeks God
And does not find,
And no one who finds him
Ever goes empty handed.
The best choice to make,
Is to take the road
To Paradise.
It will be rough
With bumps and potholes;
But leads to the best
Anyone can ever desire:
God’s heavenly kingdom.

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