Are Americans hypnotized?

American Presidential election,
Where gone is the respect
That America enjoyed in the world?
What happened to the leader of plant earth?
Fallen from ivory tower to a hut?
Are Americans hypnotized?
Are there Americans
Who will vote for Donald Trump
Come November?
Trump for a second term in the White House!
That would be magic, wouldn’t it?
If there are people to vote for old Donald,
As I hear some say they will,
Are they sane or hypnotized?
I beg to know,
It’s mind boggling, isn’t it?
Are there people in America
Who love the ways of Donald Trump?
Who genuinely love the ways of Donald Trump?
After all that he does?
I mean who sincerely love the man’s leadership?
If there are,
Are they okay?
I beg to know;
If you are a supporter of Trump,
I plead with you not to be angry with me
But to take time and explain to me what you like about him;
If there are people in America
Who are fighting for Trump,
To be reelected president,
I really wish to know
If they know what that means:
Another four years in office;
How many people will he destroy again?
How much harm will he do?
How much damage to the reputation of his country?
Tell me if this man’s supporters are fine;
I can’t just imagine they are;
That someone with a sound mind
Would freely caste his vote
For someone so unstable;
So inconsistent;
So unreliable;
So unpredictable;
So incompetent,
Like Donald Trump for the oval office;
A man who, any time, can compose
The nuclear code
And before the world knows
What is going on,
He has wiped out all of humanity!
I can’t imagine
That people would vote
For someone so unscrupulous!
Who values money so much,
And prefers it to people;
It bids my imagination
That he has a single soul supporting this man’s haphazard leadership;
I am tempted to think
That something is wrong.
Are the great American people confused or charmed?
Who says Americans
Are not hypnotized?
How can a sane man
Who values democratic principles
Support a man who wants to destroy democracy?
A man who does not respect human rights;
A man who looks down on women;
A man who hates people
Who do not have the same skin color like him;
When we said it before 2016,
Some did not listen;
And said we were globalists;
Some said the man was God sent;
That he would make America great again;
Has he made America great again?
Who is proud of America today?
He has made America small;
Smaller than it has ever been;
He has rubbed America in mud;
Brought shame to a great nation;
We need somebody
To save America from perdition;
America is on the decline.
The writing is on the wall:
Like one man,
All Americans must say no
To the man who wants to destroy their great country;
To err is human;
To forgive, divine.
But to allow a serpent
To sting you twice
Is an error
Only a fool can commit;
You made a colossal mistake
In 2016;
This is not a time
To repeat that monumental mistake;
The world can forgive you
For that first time;
But don’t expect it a second time;
You will be the laughing stock
Of the world.
Poor great America
On decline!
How can brilliant America,
Great America,
Mighty America
Be duped
By one foolish man?
Ronald Regean’s America;
Barack Obama’s Anerica;
John F. Kennedy’s America;
Bill Clinton’s America;
What would Abraham Lincoln say
If he came back to life today;
If all the great leaders
That America has known,
came back to life today,
To see what they sweated to build,
So rubbed in mud!
Poor great America on decline!
Some Americans have been hypnotized.

2 thoughts on “Are Americans hypnotized?

  1. Not only that but Trump is the most un-Christian president, a known liar, a man who devalues and objectives women. But Trump has not happened by accident and should not be viewed in isolation.

    I lived and worked in the US from 1980-1994 and the news coverage on politics has become much less unbias in the last 25 years, and for many stations like the Fox network very right wing. Over time too many Americans have been persuaded to vote against common sense, vote for the vested interests of big business. Please understand that I’m not anti business, I just want to point out that at this current time the reality is the American Dream is broken.

    Too many American just get by financially, so when something bad happens like Covid the have an insurmountable mountain of debt and lose everything that have worked hard for. Medical insurance only serves to make doctors millionaires and if you lose your job you can not afford medicine.

    In both houses of congress the Republicans are at war with the Democrats, no compromise to help make the country function better which only fuels more extremes on both sides. America is broken and that is why people in desperation turn to someone as dangerous as Adolf Hitler or Donald Trump.

  2. My husband and I are mystified by the people who support Trump. Many believe that he is God’s choice for president. It’s almost as if his followers are members of a personality cult. I do not understand it. And they believe that anyone who doesn’t support Trump is not only wrong but evil, un-American and un-Christian. I’m sorry to say I have lost some friends, and some family members have turned against me because I believe Trump is the most dangerous president in American history.

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