The decline of America

America will not trump the world,
The world is trumping America;
People whisper here and there,
The decline of America;
America, are you aware?
America, the world’s watching;
The world is watching you;
Yes, many are waiting;
To see what you do;
And where you go;
Which direction you will take;
It is no joking matter,
Instead, it is a serious one;
The world is watching to see
If you are going left
Or you are going right;
If you’re a consistent people;
Or a contradictory people;
Are you true to yourselves
Or taken to double standards?
Shall America be great again?
What is your watch word?
Excellence or anything goes?
Look at your flag!
With all it colours;
Does it make you proud;
What’s gone wrong with you?
You are not the people I knew;
You were the best;
And stood for the best,
In every field;
Your leaders led the world;
And were your pride;
Admired by all the world;
That no more;
What an embarrassment today they are!
The world is watching you, America;
All the world is keenly watching you;
Shall you prefer madness
To sanity come November?
I see the polls,
And can’t believe
That in this country
Of highly learned men and women,
Of great intellectuals,
Great men and women of wisdom,
You still find people
Who like blind men,
Fall into the dragnet of insanity;
Are you being tempted, America?
Like Jesus Christ was
In the wilderness?
Land of men of honour,
And women of substance,
The world is watching you;
Don’t let anyone start
To say on the decline
Is the world’s leading power;
Yes, are we witnessing something;
It looks like
The decline of America.

3 thoughts on “The decline of America

  1. The ‘MORAL MAJORITY’ is being led by SATAN! Trump is being led by Putin. Honest citizens are labeled the enemy. Justice has been destroyed. Pray for the wicked leaders to repent, PLEASE!

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