Waste not your vote

When you caste your vote
On voting day,
For a president,
Do so wisely;
Vote for a candidate
Who will deliver the goods;
Not a fake candidate;
Make a wise choice;
Waste not your vote
Can you guess the one
I won’t vote for?
A fake politician;
Whom I know will fail woefully;
Will be mercilessly thrashed
By his rival;
A candidate who’s not worth his salt;
Who, though he may call himself
A consummate leader;
Is not better than
A primitive village chief;
Some make themselves fools
By sheepishly following such,
I wouldn’t do anything
Of the sort;
Will he deliver what he promises to deliver?
He never will;
If he pledges not to let us down,
To make us great;
It will be a sweet melody
In your ear;
But will he make us great?
He will let us down;
Soil us;
Make us mean;
And others will look down
On us;
We become the laughing stock
Of our day;
See them make a mockery
Of us;
Should we continue
To trust him?
To hold him in high esteem?
To follow him?
And stand by him?
Wouldn’t that be damn stupid?
You do not trust someone
Who doesn’t have any reason to be trusted;
Someone who isn’t serious;
Someone who is dishonest;
Someone who’s dubious;
If I were you,
I wouldn’t be duped
A second time.
One would be a fool
To be duped
By the same person,
On the same issue,
I can assure you,
He will fail woefully.
Waste no time with him!
Mind you!
We are in the realm of politics;
But everything should not go;
Let us not sacrifice our cherished valves
On a fake altar of
Our country first.
Let false promises not derail us.
We should not lose focus!

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