Be at your best

My teachers taught me,
To always be at my best;
That is what also
My parents instilled in me;
At all times in life,
Be at your best;
In that, I encourage you;
You are called to do,
Be at your best;
Whether hard or easy,
Be at your best;
If you want success
To smile genuinely with you,
Be at your best;
Wherever you go,
Be at your best;
Never stop trying;
Until you are sure
You are
At your best;
But, if you are
At your best
And do not deliver
The goods;
Don’t worry;
Your best may not be good enough,
No problem,
You have done your best;
Heaven will understand;
You cannot do
More than your best;
The most you can do is,
To be at your best;
Care not about results,
They don’t come from you;
God alone controls that;
Your duty is to be
At your best.
To God, the Almighty God,
You must leave the rest.
He created you
To be at your best;

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