Honesty is sacrosanct

There is a great lesson
I can never forget;
I learned it as a kid:
On the virtue of honesty.
As early as childhood,
I was taught to be honest;
That honesty is the best
I believe this today totally;
It’s solidly embedded
In my psyche.
Truly, honesty is great virtue.
It beats my imagination
That only a few know this;
The way the society operates;
The way people behave;
Shows how little
They believe this teaching.
Or, can we say they know it;
Know what it means;
But have opted to ignore it?
When we say
Honesty is the best policy,
We mean to underscore
The importance
Of being honest;
It means the truth is sacrosanct;
And it is incumbent on us
To speak it always
No matter the consequences. Even if it means suffering
For such honesty;
As that type of suffering
Does not last;
It is only temporary.
In the end, you will reap
Your reward.
Many people hardly believe this;
And tell lies to find their way in life;
This is ill advised;
I have heard people say,
The honest always finish last;
If you subscribe to this,
I don’t.
Looking at it superficially,
It looks true;
But go deep,
You will find,
The opposite holds true;
The honest end as winners.
How many people gnash their teeth
Behind the bars today
Because they were honest in business?
And how many do
Because they were dishonest?
How many are facing hard times today
Because they got involved
In dishonest deals?
I bet, there are very many.
How many businesses have crumbled
Because of shady business deals?
How many people,
including the most prominent ones in the world,
Have fallen from grace to grass,
Because of lies they told
To procure a place
At the top?
Or because of lies they told while at the top?
They are many.
The error many people make
Is always to look
At the short term benefits;
Not considering the long term consequences.
What is the use becoming a multimillionaire for a very short time,
Living in opulence
But soon after,
To fall into a gutter
Because it is discovered that
Your wealth was amassed through fraudulent means?
Someone becomes a billionaire by evading taxes;
Not paying custom duty on his goods.
Years later, this dishonesty
Is discovered
And he is billed;
But unfortunately, he cannot pay;
And is judged and sentenced;
His whole empire crumbles;
There are people
Who get to power
Through fraudulent means;
They are unqualified to lead.
And so while in power,
They are not able to deliver,
Hence, are ousted
And in some cases, eliminated.
What appeared to be a success,
Turns out to be a tragedy;
The reason being
It was built on a foundation of dishonesty.
What we call a sandy foundation;
An elephant on clay feet.
Honesty is the best policy;
Honesty is sacrosant.

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