Life is a school

Life is a school we attend,
Where learning is continuous;
Always be steady;
And ready to learn;
That is good for you;
Don’t rush;
And do not panic!
Never be too anxious
Over anything;
Take life as it comes;
With confidence in yourself;
And maintain a positive attitude.
Always expect the best.
That is what God, your Creator,
Wants for you – the best;
And only the best ;
He didn’t put you here
For anything short;
And He didn’t put you here
For nothing;
He put you here for a purpose.
Find that purpose;
And pursue it all your life;
As best you can;
To do anything different,
Is a pure waste of time;
Precious time;
Sadly, that is what
A lot of us do,
Without being aware
Of what we are doing.
Bear this in mind:
Life is full of challenges;
Life is not a bed of roses;
And will never be;
Life is full of thorns
And prickles;
And that is what makes it so interesting and precious;
It would have been dull
And boring;
Never be tired of living;
You never set your time
Of arrival into this world;
It’s not your place to decide
When and how to exit.
You will hear two knocks
Every blessed second
On the door of your heart;
One from heaven;
The other from hell;
One, to make good your bedfellow,
The other, to make evil so;
Never open to evil;
Always to good.
That is what will give you peace
And sound sleep at night;
Put love at the center
of your life:
Love of God who loves you
So much he brought you
Into this world,
And is keeping you here;
And love of others;
Don’t give hate a chance;
Let love take it all.
At the end of everyday,
Take time
And count your blessings
One by one,
And give thanks to God;
They are his doing.
Talk to him;
First thing in the morning
When you open your eyes;
And last thing in the night,
Before you close them.
Be in harmony with him;
And go about your life
With certainty and faith,
That all will be well.
With Him, it will;
God bless you!

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