On our knees in prayer

Almighty, most high God,
Fully I count on you
O my most loving Father,
For all that I desire.

I know from you alone
Hail my blessings;
I rely not on humans,
For whatever I need.

I know at any time
Fellow humans can fail me,
I depend totally on you,
Whom I trust.

You never fail anyone;
You are both my creator
And provider of my needs;
In you, full is my trust.

I thank you O Father,
For loving me as you do;
It’s never ending love
You have for me.

May you always be so kind
As you are, to me,
Despite my unworthiness.
Glory be your name.

Now and for ever,
May your name be hailed
And praise and glorified
For ever and ever, amen!

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