That’s no problem

That’s no problem!
I have no problem with that;
Things have not gone well,
No problem;
I like to win
And have always won,
But this time around,
I have lost,
No problem;
To win is good;
To lose is not a problem;
At times, it may be;
But often, it isn’t;
To lose is normal,
Sometimes it is very good;
It may even be excellent
To fail;
It can be a stepping stone
To the best you dream of;
I have seen it happen;
Haven’t you?
It’s happened
Again and again;
All you need
Is to know how to turn
Stumbling blocks
Into stepping stones.
Our problem is
We blow out problems,
When we should be
Making them
Our stepping stones;
This is it;
What successful people do;
People lose everyday;
But the winners
Turn their failures
Into successes.
That is why to me
When you say I have failed,
I will tell you,
That’s no problem.
I encourage you
To look at problems
With a positive eye.

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