Turn things around

You have embarrassed me;
Why have you done that?
I hate what you’ve done;
I don’t ever like
To be embarrassed;
It is not a good thing
To embarrass anybody;
But so often, it happens,
When it does,
My advice is take it easy;
As I am doing;
Though, of course,
It’s not as easy as said;
But it can be done;
Many are doing it;
Do it;
Then you find a way
And turn things around;
That is the high way
To success;
You must learn it fast;
Learn to turn things around.
If you ever heard of
A positve attitude,
That is it;
Some call it
A positve mental attitude;
It’s the same thing;
Seeing what is positive
I everything,
And highlighting it
Instead of hanging on the negative.
I hope you have this attitude.

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