A great destiny you have

When I look at you,
Who will go far,
I see
Yes, in you
A bright star I see;
I see it shining in you;
I see your star shinning;
And I thank God for you;
Aren’t you blessed?
You are blessed;
Indeed, you are blessed;
You are abundantly blessed;
You can never thank God enough;
He is so good;
Ever so good.
He is a wonderful God;
My advice is,
Continue to depend on him;
He is the almighty;
Can do whatever he wants;
And favours
Those who believe in him,
And rely on him;
Rely on him;
Put your trust in him;
He will make your star shine;
Always make your star shine;
Brighter and brighter
It will shine.
And indeed, it should shine;
That is the destiny
For you I see.
A great destiny you have.
A shining destiny.

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