I am so pleased

I am so pleased, indeed;
I am so pleased with you;
I am so pleased
Because of what I see;
Which is what you have done;
It cannot, for whatever excuse,
Be taken for granted;
Anybody who does
Lacks a sense of gratitude;
And you do not lack
That virtue;
There are so many things
To be grateful for.
The first, of course, being your life;
Your life is a gift;
God’s greatest gift to you;
There is no gift
That surpasses that one;
It comes top of the list;
Without it, you wouldn’t be here;
And with it,
There is no saying
How high you can fly.
You will excel;
Fly higher and higher everyday;
Fly higher and higher
In all you do;
Fly higher and higher
Until you can fly no more.
I am so pleased;
I am so pleased with you.

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