I jumped to a conclusion

After I had jumped
To a conclusion,
I realized
It was an error I made;
What a good lesson
I learned!
But the hard way!
It’s a wise lesson
To learn;
You don’t jump
To conclusions;
Because a lot of times,
You will make
Wrong conclusions;
Always take time;
Examine all the angles
Of the issue at hand;
Understand it;
Weigh all the sides;
And then and only then,
Can you draw your conclusion;
Chances will be high
It will be a good conclusion;
Which, definitely,
Is better than a bad one;
A bad conclusion
Can have disastrous consequences;
Avoid it
As much as you can
Hands off hasty conclusions.
They can ruin you.
They have ruined many.

One thought on “I jumped to a conclusion

  1. Jumping to conclusions without all the requisite information is, indeed, error. Proverbs addresses this when it says “If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.” Proverbs 18:13. Consider the quiz show contestant who “buzzes in” before the whole question is read. Answering a question before hearing it completely is just like jumping to conclusions. Something we all do, and often we learn difficult lessons therefrom.

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