No faint heart

A faint heart
Will not take you far;
A strong heart
Is what you need,
In today’s
Challenging world;
With many trying times;
To which ever side you turn,
You have challenges to face;
And sure, all alone,
You cannot sail through;
You need support to do so,
And no support
Is more than the one
That comes from God.
Lean on God;
Depend on God;
Rely on God;
He will stand by you.
And never fail you;
That is the great God
That we have.
A God who never fails;
A God you can trust;
An almighty God.
And to put your trust
In God,
Is no easy thing to do;
You need a strong heart;
A heart of courage;
A faint heart
Won’t do you any good.
No faint heart.

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