He humbled me

A Cardio thoracic Surgeon!
He humbled me,
I met him on the web;
Though we hail from the same hemisphere;
More precisely, the same city;
In the heart of the black continent;
To say the least,
His illuminating presentation humbled me;
His articulate style left me dumbfounded;
His literary prowess,
Rare to come by in my vicinity;
Incomparable to anything
I have found
Even among the literary gurus, whose masterpieces
I have had the privilege
To peruse over the years;
A barrage of questions
Assailed my mind;
How comes such linguistic finesse?
Such charming writing
From a fellow who,
In his own words, “learned physics and calculus, anatomy and epidemiology”?
He didn’t specialize in Shakespeare’s communication tool;
As a professional communicator
I am both humbled and challenged
To pay more attention
To my own crafting and delivery
To my listeners, readers
And viewers;
Among those who listen to
My articulations,
Or read what I craft,
Are many of the caliber
Of my cardiovascular surgeon;
And who knows?
Even sterner stuff than him;
Would such giants entertain
Half baked truths?
Fake news?
Non esthetically presented?
There is a need
For those serving in the communucation industry,
To raise the quality
Of their expression;
Especially if their specialty
Is speaking or writing.
We need to write more elegantly,
To fascinate our readers
And listerners more,
As my cardiovacular surgeon friend did me.
We have to make it crisp
Lucid, poetic as need be.
I have every reason
To thank this eminent scientist
For challenging me,
And waking me up
From slumber.
It’s never too late.
We can still make a difference.
If we fine tune
Our communucation skills

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