Serving selflessly

When I heard her snoring
I knew, at once
She was tired
Indeed, she really had to be;
She had been working;
And working very hard,
She works extremely hard,
To serve her country;
She does so selflessly;
Not seeking to get;
Seeking to give;
Service to our people
Brings us great honour;
But how many in our day
Are ready to render
Such selfless service
To their country?
We don’t want to do
Anything unless we are paid;
Nothing for nothing;
Always a bargain
Across the counter;
That is not the spirit of service;
That is the business way;
When gain is the focus.
Yes, we may make money
That way,
Yes, it will make us
Live in opulence;
One may go for a hero,
But at the end of the day,
The winner is
The selfless servant.
Who served not for money
But for love.
Real greatness
Comes from serving selflessly.

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