The perfect success equation

If you want to succeed;
Know what you must do;
Know the success formula;

The equation that never fails;
First things first;
Make sure
You are alive;
Take care of your health
Protect yourself ;
And at this time of covid 19,
Top of the chart is
Social distancing;
Wearing your nose mask is paramount;
Many are going;
Don’t forget
Hand sanitization
Success is not manna from heaven;
It’s the fruit of the right decisions
and right actions.
Short and simple,
Do the things that bring success
And nothing will stop you
From succeeding.
If you do nothing,
Or fail to do the right thing,
No matter how you dream of success,
It will be nothing but a dream;
Dream and act;
And not any kind of act;
Act rightly;
And don’t be deceived,
It may still not come;
Then use your joker:
I can assure you;
Success can never resist
The right combination;
Right decision;
Right action;
And persistence.
Perfect success equation.

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