You decide for yourself

Winners also fall;
But to fall is not as bad
As you may think;
If it happens that you fall,
Make no issue of it at all;
You will neither be the first,
Nor the last one to fall;
Millions before, I know, already
Have fallen, and flatly too;
From the top of the hill,
To its bottom, people have fallen;
And severely injured themselves
Millions more, will fall;
From the top to the bottom,
They will fall;
Be sure, falling will never stop;
It’s an intergral part of life;
And like that it will be
For a long time to come;
If not till the end of time;
Call it eternity;
If you happen to fall,
Which is nobody’s wish,
Even to rock bottom,
Thank God for it;
It’s a blessing in disguise;
An opportunity to get
Stronger than before;
And start again to climb;
If you hit rock bottom,
It means you are done with that fall,
You cannot fall again;
From there, you can only climb;
If you fall,
The choice is yours to take;
Either you get up,
Dust yourself and continue
To where you are going,
Which is the winning spirit,
Or you lie there,
Crying like a baby;
Only losers stay down forever,
When they fall;
And only they cry about
As if they were the first to fall;
Such are appropriately called,
Cry babies;
All the winners I know, immediately jump up
When they fall,
And start their business afresh;
And keep on going
On track
Till they get to where
They want to go.
That is the difference
Between winners and losers;
Will you be a loser or a winner?
You alone will decide.
Nobody can decide for you.
Nobody decides for another.
You decide for yourself.

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