Realizing God’s plan for us

Your primary purpose on earth
Is to realize God’s plan
For your life;
If you find someone
To hound you from doldrums
To bring out the best
In you;
Stick to that individual;
It’s not every day
That you find an inspirer,
Who heightens your drive,
With the aim
To propel you to success;
Be thankful to God
For such a companion.
When you get out of bed
In the morning,
Go on bended knees
And raise your voice
In supplication to God;
That He may bless you
With a mentor;
An inspirer
An encourager
Who will propel you
That day;
Who will be your spring
Of hope;
Uplift and energize you
To strive for the stars;
To exploit the best in you;
You don’t need a discourager
Who will dampen your ambition,
Kill your dream,
And destroy your winning spirit;
There is enormous potential
Lying dormant in you,
Your ocean of abilities
Is waiting to be tapped
And exploited
To move the world;
An inspirer
And encourager
Is a formidable asset for you;
And you don’t toy with such
A great blessing;
You need people to help you
See the good side of life;
The positive side of
Whatever happens to you
Or around you.
You need enablers;
People who will create
An enabling environment
For your crops to flourish;
And your flowers to bloom;
And there can be no greater good
Than to bring out the best
That is in you;
It is your duty
To be the best version
Of yourself;
To bring out
Your highest potential.
That is God’s plan for you.
It is incumbent on you
As fellow worker with God,
To keep on toiling
To ensure that you realize
This lofty plan of God for you.

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