Letter to American Republicans: stop the dictator

Dear American Republicans,
Stop supporting someone
Who is disgracing you
And your country;
Stop building a dictator;
Stop supporting a man
Who has dragged
The image of your country
Into a gutter;
Stop supporting someone
Who knows nothing
About leadership;
Stop supporting someone
Who only knows
To make a lot of dirty money
Through crooked means;
Stop supporting a dictator
Who fires at all who have a different opinion;
Don’t bring down yourselves
By supporting someone
Of such low quality;
Yes, he has money;
Yes, he knows how to make money;
Yes, he is rich,
But, tell me how he got rich;
Great Republicans,
You have had great Presidents;
And you are a great party;
How did you allow garbage
To carry you along;
Hard words, yes,
But well deserved;
Because you have disappointed the world;
Correct your mistake.
You have all the talents;
You don’t need junk.
Please, make hay
While the sun shines.
You are about to confirm
America’s first dictator.
The fellow may not concede;
He wants to destroy democracy;
To destroy your country;
Has he bueen paid?
Keep an eye on that fellow.
He will sell you.
He might have already done it;
The world is looking up
To Republicans of integrity;
Help and remove the man
Who wants to become
America’s first DICTATOR.

6 thoughts on “Letter to American Republicans: stop the dictator

  1. I agree with your words.

    The problem is that America is broken and now ripe for upheaval.
    Politicians of both sides are to beholding to lobbyists, there is too money in politics so even decent men and women have to “sell-out” to get elected.

    Donald Trump is without doubt the worst American president in my lifetime.
    He is very Right wing the closest thing to a Dictator…….. but under the guise of law and order, pro business, immigration issues . He does what he likes, creating deep divisions that will take years to heal. Hopefully his mishandling of the Covid crisis will be enough for him to get voted out in November.
    Don’t rule out the possibility of him cheating to stay in office as George W. Bush did with the hanging chad and other votes being not counted.

    Donald Trump has a history of cheating in business so expect every dirty trick and then some.

    The American press is not robust enough to scrutinise Trump sufficiently.

      • Yes I agree, though I think the American people deserve better candidates, ones that drop out at the convention stage…. rather than in the primaries, before the public have had much chance to know them better. It all comes down to money, which is not healthy for real democracy.

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