The winners’ club

In the winners’ club,
To club to which I belong,
The club in which
All we do is win;
We know not failure
It is our cherished club;
It is not a losers’ club;
It is a winners’ club;
I am not a loser;
I hate to lose
With all my heart;
Why should I lose?
Why should anyone lose?
We are all born to win;
We all have the tools
To emerge victorious
From every race;
If you are like me,
And want to win like me,
You have to do like me;
Join the winners’ club;
And do as the winners do;
Do you know what they do?
They win, and always win;
And when they don’t reach
The winning point,
They do not stop
To run the race;
That is what they do to win;
And where ever in the world,
Be it here or elsewhere,
They are all the same;
Same actions they do take:
They run until they cross
The winning line;
You must only stop running
If your feet
Are unable to carry you.
If your feet can carry you,
You keep the race alive;
Else the one behind you
Will come and overtake you;
And reach the winning point
Ahead of you;
And will become the winner;
You never win a race
When you have not reached
The winning point.
That is the place where
The world knows who has won
And who has lost.
I do not want to lose;
I very much want to win;
To be a loser is not cool;
To be a winner is;
Come join the winners’ club,
And become the winner
That you are here to be.
The winners’ club.

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