A multiplication of blessings

Do you know?
You inspire me;
That is why I wish you
A multiplication of blessings;
To express my appreciation;
My indebtedness to you;
My regard;
To articulate my gratitude;
To thank you
For being my role model;
For being the icon that you are and inspiring me;
To thank you
For your understanding;
I value people who are
Who are empathetic;
To thank you
For your tolerance;
I love it;
To thank you
For doing your best
For me;
That is what has made me
What I am;
It is because of you
That I have the courage
To continue
This challenging journey
To my destiny.
You have taught me
A multitude of lessons;
You have taught me
To be strong and sturdy;
To be resilient;
That in the face
Of the trials and difficulties
Of life;
I should be bold
And courageous;
That I have to be
Self confident.
I cannot appreciate you enough;
You are so special;
You are my role model.
A pacesetter;
I wish you
A multiplication of blessings!
You are my source of inspiration.

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