Look at your flag – examine your conscience: decide!


My brothers and sisters
Of the greatest nation
In the world;
Election time is coming;
You have a vibrant call;
A daunting challenge;
To vote into office
A leader to be proud of;
Who will know what to do;
Who will not be confused;
And totally lost;
Look at your flag
On election day
When you caste your vote;
Vote for someone
Who incarnates
The values you hold dear;
Democratic values;
Get a democratic leader;
Not an autocratic leader.


Vote for a people person
Not an anti people person;
Don’t vote for
A leader who will think
He alone has the answers;
That he knows it all,
And every other person
Is wrong and dumb;
Vote for someone
With a listening ear;
Not someone
Who will call the shots alone;
Who will go after you
If your opinion
Differs from his;
Listen to your conscience;
Vote for someone
Who incarnates
Honesty and integrity
Values you are well known
And respected for;
Be honest yourself.


Vote for someone
Who is not vindictive;
Vote for someone
Who gets along with others;
Don’t vote for someone
Who insults everybody;
Don’t vote for someone
Who will fight for you;
Not against you;
Merely because
You want your party to win;
Vote for someone
Who will deliver;
Who values the lives
Of the people;
Don’t vote for somebody
Who tells lies.
Vote for someone
Who has a clear agenda
For leadership.
Not someone
Who doesn’t have an idea
What he will do
If voted.


Vote for someone
Who will be respected
By other leaders
And other peoples
Of our planet;
You are not an island;
Vote for someone
Who will uphold
The constitution of your country;
Not one who will manipulate
The law and become
A dictator.
Vote for someone
You can trust;
And who will never fail you.
Vote for someone
Who will unite the country ;
Don’t vote for someone
Who will divide the country.


Vote for someone
Who will promote love;
Don’t vote for someone
Who will promote hate;
And hate language;
Who will make hate words
To be flying all over.
Don’t vote for someone
Who will sink the image
Of your country;
Who will bring you
From your ivory tower,
And make you sit in mud.
Am I sufficiently clear?
No mistake on election day;
And be vigilant;
Let nobody manipulate you; Or take you for a ride;
Don’t let them laugh at you.


As you caste your vote
Know that history will judge you;
The future is in your hands;
The founders of your nation
Worked hard,
Made enormous sacrifices,
And took wise decisions;
Selfless decisions;
Guided by their consciences;
Their integrity, honesty;
Their sense of right and wrong;
They toiled;
They sweated,
And handed to you
A great nation
Respected and admired
All over the world.
Remember that when you caste
your vote.


In 2008 and thereafter,
All the world admired you
As you made history;
You went beyond racial lines,
Closed racial gaps,
Whites and Blacks
Held hands together
And walked down the streets
And the world was amazed;
The world applauded;
The world is tired
Of chaos, confusion, hate;
The world continues
To look up to you
For leadership
So that we may have
A world of love;
That belongs to all;
Where everyone finds a place.
Make no mistake when you go to the polls.


The options are clear;
Choose construction
Don’t choose destruction;
Choose life!
Don’t choose death;
May God bless you
Through your vote!
May God bless
Not curse your country!
Through your choice
On election day,
May God bless the world!
May you children
And your children’s children,
And their children
Say of you what you say
of your founding fathers;
And all who have gone ahead of you,
That you were great men and women;
That a critical moment
In the life of your nation
and the world,
You took the right decision;
A wise decision;
You made the choice
That you had to make.

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