It will be well

It will be well;
I can assure you;
All will be fine;
Have no fear;
Have no doubt;
Have confidence;
You will be okay;
Have hope;
I encourage you
To continue to trust
In almighty God;
Things will work out
As He has planned;
That is my wish,
And my prayer;
And that is why I say
Everything will be well;
Things will turn out fine;
You will have reason
To be happy;
Things will work out
As you desire.
It will be cool.
All will be in order.
Hold your head high;
Be optimistic;
The weather is bright;
The birds are singing
A sweet melody;
Announcing good news.
The best is ahead for you.
It will be well.
Do you hear the voices?
A melody so angelic,
Saying it will be well.

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