Let nothing whatever stop you

How free are we on our planet?
To do the things we like?
So that we may succeed?
To rise to our dream position
In life?
Our God-given potential?
Are we really free,
Like fish in the ocean?
To achieve what we want?
Who is free?
And who is in chains?
It seems
There are many chains
That hold us back;
We aren’t free enough;
That is sure;
If there are things
We are free to do,
There are many others
We are not free to do.
We have many rights
But not free to enjoy them;
On some days
You are free to go about,
On some, you are not.
It’s a difficult world
We live in – complex;
Power mongers will stand firmly,
On your way,
And make your success
Hard for you;
The unscrupulous will cheat you;
And take away
What belongs to you.
Some will block you
So that you don’t succeed.
Be smart and vigilant;
And find your way out;
If you find a thousand obstacles blocking you,
There will always be a way;
If not through them,
Around them;
Or above them.
Let nothing whatever stop you.
Let your faith be your shield;
When bullets come pouring,
Let it cover you.
Until you become the champion
That you were crafted to be.

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