Life is not easy but possible to strike high

What I am learning is,
It is not easy
But possible;
Which is your generation?
I am a baby boomer;
My father was of
The lost Generation.
I must admit
It is not easy for anyone
To make it
In our present world;
For baby boomers
Like me;
But very possible;
Maybe also for Generation X;
As for Xennials, Millennials
And Gen Z,
It is far much easier;
Modern ICT;
Communication technology
Is their thing;
They surf the web
Like birds soaring
In the sky,
While the rest of us,
By and large, are lost,
Or we crawl at snail speed.
All the same,
We are on it working hard
Putting in our best;
To find our way.
That is determination;
Which we say is
The mother of invention.
And the key to life;
What matters is
Not where you are, or
Where you are coming from,
As much as
Where you are going;
And your determination
To get there.
I know some Gen Zs
Who are completely lost;
All they need
To make it is there,
But what do they do
With it?
They waste it;
Some go for easy life;
And before long,
They feel
It’s too late to start
What we tell young people,
Time does not wait;
Days keep moving
Soon your door is closed;
Regret builds a house
On your roof.
So while young and strong,
Take responsible decisions;
Make necessary sacrifices;
Take well calculated risks
To build for yourself
A great future.
The web makes knowledge
Easy to find;
If you want to do a thing,
Don’t say you don’t know
How to go about it;
Browse and learn;
Knowledge is power.
With it you are equipped,
To do whatever you like.
So while life is slippery
And not easy to succeed,
It is possible.

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