What we don’t understand

I wanted today better
But I am fine;
All days cannot be excellent;
Some will be good;
Some will be better;
Some will be excellent;
Even if it’s bad,
I still welcome it;
But make sure
The next day
I bounce back strongly.
Life is full of impossibles;
Did you ever hear about
Two oceans meeting
But not mixing?
The Atlantic and the Pacific;
They have a long point
Of contact;
They hug each other,
But no one crosses
To the other’s territory;
No mixing.
God alone knows
How he created this world;
If you don’t see it,
It will be hard to believe;
That is why
When people discredit
The belief of life after death,
The resurrection,
And Final Judgement,
I say they don’t know
What they are saying.
God uses signs
Like the two oceans meeting
But not mixing
As signs to help us
In our belief;
That what we understand
Is nothing compared
To what we don’t understand.
God is mystery;
Too deep for human mind;
Life, an ocean of mystery;
The vast universe
Hides unbelievable mysteries;
Beyond human imagination.

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