Can you change God’s plan for your life?

Can you change God’s plan for your life?

That is a good question. And I like it because it is on an issue which boggles many minds. This is the issue of destiny or predestination.

Can we change our destiny?

Answering this question will clarify many persons, indeed.

I used to wonder who makes us run into trouble.

Who is responsible for our failures?

Is it God who makes us fail? Why would God, who is so good, make us fail? Is it God who gives us a destiny of poverty or suffering?

These are also questions that bother many people.

They used to bother me; but their answers have become clear to me.

God has given everyone of us a free will to make our choices in life.

Life is determined by the choices we make.

These choices determine whether we are successful or unsuccessful, happy or sad, good or bad, wicked or kind.

I know this sounds straight and simple; but it is far more complicated than it appears.

I guess some people will ask: who makes us choose one thing or the other. Is it not God? Can we do something if God does not allow it?

The answer is God has allowed the freedom to choose totally to us. But He assists us if we seek His assistance.

Also, He has given each one of us a Guardian Angel to help, guide and protect us from the devil who is permanently scheming to win us into his kingdom.

Guardian angels are available to come to our assistance whenever we solicit their help.

The unfortunate thing is that many of us turn neither to God nor to our Guardian Angel to get the help we need!

The help and guidance we get from God or our guardian angel must not be taken as a forgone conclusion.

There are conditions under which we get God’s help or the help and guidance of our guardian angel.

God has set the rules for us to follow. If you respect them, God will reward you by giving you what you ask for.

If you do what God asks you to do, God will do what you ask him to do for you.

What does this mean?

It means that if we follow God’s word as contained in the Bible, God will respond to us by rewarding us in some way especially to do what we are pleading with him to do.

The world is made of two forces – good incarnated by God and evil, incarnated by the devil.

If you do good, it means you have opted to go with God. You are on the side of God. You have chosen God over Satan.

God will put you among his friends and you will enjoy the rewards of being his friend. He will give you what you ask him for if it is good for you.

If you do evil, then you fall on the side of the devil who rewards you for choosing him. And what does he give you as reward?

Of course, you can’t give what you don’t have. You give what you have. The devil commands the kingdom of evil. All the evil in the world belongs to him; and that is where he draws from to reward or pay the wages of all those who serve him.

This is how the world operates. God does not cause evil to befall anyone. It is the work of the devil facilitated by the individual by paying allegiance to him.

We keep dancing forward and backward between God and the devil, good and evil is also permanently in our lives.

We are co- workers with God for good in our lives or co- workers with the devil for the evil we have in our lives.

When a good thing happens to us, it is not good luck. It is the result of our collaboration with God.

In the same way, evil is the fruit of your collaboration with the devil. If you do not collaborate with the devil, you cannot have evil in your life.

You may ask: what happens when you do nothing but somebody comes to you and creates a problem for you?

If someone sets out to create you a problem, but you are not in the devil’s kingdom when he comes, he will not do what he sets out to do.

To commit sin of any kind is to take a seat in the Devil’s kingdom. And when you are sitting in that kingdom, any kind of evil can happen to you. The devil is the one who, at that time, decides what to give to you.

You must have heard the quote that the evil that men do lives after them. Yes, when we do evil, we do it to our self. The same evil may not befall us but the devil will reward us. This means we will experience evil in some way.

This clearly tells us that the best thing to do is to stay off evil. Avoid evil and evil will avoid you. Do evil and evil will follow you.

Talking about God’s plan for your life. God has a range of options for your life. He has given you a free will to make choices for yourself. These choices either take you to your purpose or away from your purpose.

Since the world is a dual world, built around good and evil, while God has a plan for your life, the devil also has a plan for your life. This plan is a range of options that you freely choose from.

It is left to you to follow God’s plan for your life or the devil’s plan for your life.

The choice is yours.

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