My greatest discovery about life

My greatest discovery about life; that is what I want to share with you today.

I am sure that what I am going to tell you can transform your life.

To me, it is what everybody should know.

I made the discovery not long ago.

I wish I had known it much earlier; when I was much younger and stronger. Life would have been enormously different for me. I can bet everything would have taken another turn.

Any way, it’s not too late.

I think, however , that it’s better for people to know vital truths of life like this one when they are young and energetic. Then, they can better employ their youthful exuberance to exploit it to better purpose.

My discovery is about how God and the devil work in everybody’s life and why some people make it big while others end as woeful failures.

Let me reiterate that what I will tell you can take you far if you know how to use it.

In fact, it can lift you from oblivion, if that is where you are, to stardom.

It has done so to lots and lots of people, and will continue to do so.

As many great writers have said, knowledge is power. When you have knowledge, you have power, because with it, you can do things that those who don’t have it cannot do.

Take for example that you have knowledge of a subject. You can teach it. And the fact that you can teach or that you are teaching it is power. You have power over those you teach and many others. They look up to you; and give you respect.

If you have knowledge of how to run your country, and fix her economy, and you have knowledge of how to let the people know that you can do it, they will make you their leader if you vy for the post.

This means that knowledge gives power. Hence, the phrase ” knowledge is power. ”

If you want to be a powerful person, acquire knowledge. If you acquire enough knowledge in your specialty, you will be powerful in it. This can eventually make you a generally powerful person in your community, country or the world.

Knowledge is thus power.

What is this discovery that I have talked so much about?

It is a simple but powerful discovery. And when I call it a discovery, I mean a discovery to me. I make this precision because it is what many people have known down the millennia; but I was ignorant if of until now; so were many others.

Today, I know it.

This has to do with good and evil in our lives; positive and negative happenings; success and failure.

What makes people succeed and what makes people fail?

The world has two principal forces from which everything on earth emanates.

This is the force of Good and the force of Evil. Everything in existence has in it elements of good and elements of bad; the positive and the negative. Like we have day and we have night.

Day is on the side of good. Night, on the side of bad. We can classify everything on the earth under these two headings. However, though everything has its dominant class, it also has a bit of the other side. In daylight when a lot of good things happen, bad ones also happen. But what is dominant in daylight is good.

At night, lots of evil happenings occur. Evil dominates; but also good things happen. Light is associated with good, darkness with evil. But a lot of good happens in darkness and a lot of evil happens in broad daylight.

What does this mean? That in every good thing, there is a seed or seeds of evil. In every evil, there is the seed of good. Hence, a good thing can easily be transformed into an evil one; and an evil thing can easily be transformed into a good one. Or, if not so, good can come out of a bad situation and a good situation can give birth to evil.

Good in the world is under God’s control. Evil is under the control of the Devil. God could control everything but he decided that since the bad angel loved power so much, he should have control over the evil kingdom.

This means that God is in charge of the universal factory of good while the Devil is in charge of the universal factory of Evil. Everything good comes from God, the Almighty in Heaven. Everything evil comes from Satan, the almighty in the kingdom of Hell.

But there is a possibility of conversion from good to evil and vice versa. That is why in everything, there is potential for good as well as for bad.

We humans are free to choose what we get out. Is it good or evil?

Every person chooses to belong to God or to the Devil. We have free will to choose.

But it is very hard to choose one side and stay there 100%. There is an army of angels helping us not to fall into the snare of the Devil.

The Devil and his messengers (bad angels) are round the clock tempting us to win us to their kingdom.

Whether good or bad angels, we don’t see them; and don’t hear their voices loudly in our ears. They are silent actors. They point to what they want us to see; whisper what they want us to hear.

But they are energetic in pushing us especially the evil ones who want to pull us away from God.

Each time they succeed to make you turn against God, they reward you with a gift from their kingdom. Everything in their kingdom is evil and so your reward is something evil.

When they do this and see you crying, they will tell lies to deceive you. Lies and deceit are their weapons; their working tools. They use lies to make you hate God so as to turn away from Him and embrace them.

They will tell you that your plight is coming from God. They will discourage you from God. They will tell you that if you begin to follow God, being kind and good, people will always take advantage of you; that you should hit hard on anyone who crosses your path; that you need to go to a sorcerer to fortify yourself etc.

If you are not strong to maintain your trust in God, you will fall and the devil will claim you.

Very soon you shall become a seasoned member of the Devil’s kingdom. And will only be doing devilish things.

How does what I have been saying help you succeed in life?

We are here to inspire, motivate and encourage you to succeed.

What it means is give no chance to the devil in your life. Watch out for his temptations and those of his agents. When you hear that whisper in your ear to follow him, turn straight to God or your guardian angel and beg for guidance and protection.

Each time you do this, not only will you be helped out of that danger, you will also be rewarded with a blessing from heaven.

If you always do this, you will always have good things coming to you as you will always be rewarded. But make no mistake. The Devil and his soldiers will always come with full energy when they see God winning you.

The take home is: if you want good things to be flowing to you, be permanently on the side of God. Turn down the devil every time he beckons at you, be it in a big or small way.

It is possible for you to be a success magnet; to be moving from achievement to achievement. To do so, stay on the side of the source of all the good in the world.

When you give yourself to the devil, do not expect God to have anything to do with you until you repent and return to him.

So when you pray and God does not answer your prayer, it is because knowing your heart God knows that you are in alliance with the devil and only pretending.

There is no prayer of a pure and honest heart that is not answered.

Make sure, when you pray, that your heart is pure; that you are not in a secret alliance with the devil. This, we call secret sin.

Put your full trust in God. Turn from the devil and see God lift you to your full potential.

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