The master’s call

While you sit at home,
If you hear a knock,
And repeatedly it bangs,
On your door so hard,
Pay attention to it;
It’s sure a serious one;
Who wants to get inside,
And that could be for good,
As could also be for bad;
If Angel’s hammer you hear,
While it hits on your ears,
Like a drum beat’s sound,
The Master’s calling you,
To work in his vineyard;
To pave your way to heaven;
After this earthly life;
It’s the creator’s plan,
That mortals here below,
All end in God’s kingdom,
After a tedious journey
In this perilous world;
Harsh, temporary home;
Where we come to sojourn;
Not a permanent abode;
We all are pilgrims here,
Trotting daintily through
This earthly chaotic city,
To our eternal dwelling,
Where with angels and saints,
Our Master reigns;
There, everlasting joy
Awaits us all,
By his merciful grace,
We do hope to have a taste.
Of the heavenly bliss.

2 thoughts on “The master’s call

  1. Another blessed post.Inspiring post as it assures all of us that we will certainly be happy after this life and enjoy the Master’s company hence let us not worry much about this world and the worldly affairs. Thanks for sharing.Take care.🌹👍🙏

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