In God I put my trust

To God, I give my heart;
And will go about my life,
With my head high today;
As a satisfied man;
One heart, one mind;
I do not say all is well;
All is not well for me,
But still, I am a superstar;
Because I have God with me;
Not all things go as I want;
Many go the wrong way;
I miss scoring my goals;
But, misses are not my focus;
That is not what matters
To me right now;
I have one thing I want;
To be right with my God;
To look at my Creator;
And know we are together
In harmony;
Relationship with my Father,
Solid faith in him;
That is my heart’s desire;
To be in love with him;
I focus on what is eternal;
Not on what is temporal;
When I center it on God,
Everything falls in place.
I pray for the grace,
To turn to him always;
As I start and end my day.
I will bother not
About things of the world;
They all pass away;
In God alone, I put my trust.
And look forward
To everlasting life with him,
In his heavenly Kingdom.

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