The way this man talks

The way this man talks,
I cannot hide it from you,
It keeps me worried;
I listen keenly to him,
When he’s interviewed;
Be it on Telelivion
Or at a press briefing;
He doesn’t speak sense;
He’s totally confused;
The man is off;
I don’t doubt this;
I see with my own eyes;
And hear with my ears;
The man is demented;
You ask him one question,
He answers another;
Or says off things;
And yet, I see people
Who still believe in him;
It’s hard to understand;
Don’t they see what I see;
Are they blind?
The man is totally off;
And poses a danger to all;
He is drunk with belief
About his own importance;
And greatness;
Unless we help this man;
He will go down in a heap;
He will crumble;
Help him take a rest;
The man is tired;
Completely worn out;
He’s at the end of the rope.
Have pity on him,
And help him take a rest.

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