Death trap

Beware of the deathtrap
Right in front of you;
It’s staring at you
Eyeball to eyeball
The sweets that taste
So sweet;
May not be the best thing
For you;
Beware of what catches
Your eyes;
It may be the opposite
Of what it looks;
Beware of what tastes
To your system, it may be
A danger;
Super harmful to you;
It’s not because it’s
Delicious in your mouth,
That you should take it in;
Some poison has a flavour
But a straight way to doom;
If it ever happens that
You consume it;
It may finish you before you blink;
A source of death
Despite its sweetness,
Is the guile of the devil;
The lips of another’s wife
May taste sweet like nectar,
Or the lips of
Another’s husband,
But lead you straight to
If you know how enticing
Temptation is,
But that is the reason
Many fall into it headlong;
Sweet is like smooth
And kills like death;
Tasteful is the slippery road
That fastest kills;
You must be careful
When you ride on it;
So too
With the shiny things
Of life;
Although they glitter,
Danger lurks inside;
The thing that carries
Your heart away,
And make you think you
Cannot do without;
Is the thing that
Will floor you,
If you give in to it;
We call that a death trap.
Beware of death traps!
So many surround you,
With their wide open mouths,
They’re ready to gulp you.

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