Go whole hearted

Do not sit and wait;
It will never come;
All on its own;
That’s not the way
Life operates;
The things you want,
Don’t fly and come,
All on their own;
They don’t have wings;
Neither are they birds,
Nor insects that fly;
You have to go for them;
Yes, that’s the exact way
To put it;
Go for them;
Go straight for them;
You have to go for them;
Go aggressively for them;
In short, fight for them;
You have to fight for them;
That’s how things go
In this world;
That’s how things operate;
I hope you get me well!
You do not sit and wait;
You wait for nothing;
Nothing will ever come
On its own and meet you;
I mean will never;
You just have to go for it;
And when you do,
Go with all your heart;
Go with all your energy;
Go with all you power
And might;
Go whole hearted;
Not half hearted;
And then, of course,
You will surely emerge
The winner of the day.

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