Injustice and exploitation must end

In this world, the common people suffer a lot in the hands of the rich and powerful.

Even when the rich and powerful fight, the common people are the ones who suffer.

“When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

When I heard this proverb the very first time, it touched my heart and gave me much food for thought.

Think of it. It has a lot of meaning.

When you hear about war between two communities or countries, who are those who bear the brunt? Usually, not the big guns, but the common people.

Who are those who get killed in a war? It’s usually not the Generals who command the forces but the ordinary soldiers commonly referred to as combat soldiers.

When the war is won, who are those who reap the gains? Not the common people but the leaders.

Our forefathers were wise to coin the aforementioned proverb.

The elephants fight for their gains or to satisfy their ego. But their fight brings untold suffering to innocent people.

That is how unjust the world we live in can be. Many in this world labour not for themselves but for others.

If everyone were to receive pay equal to the amount of work they put in, there would be less suffering in the world.

Unfortunately, a lot of people put in so much for very little pay. And a lot of people put in so little for so much pay.

The truth is the person who puts in so little but goes away with so much pay has exploited the one who put in so much to generate the money but goes away with so little pay.

This is the way we run our world. Who determined that this world should be run this way?

Greedy people. Selfish people. People who wanted to be in a privileged position and play big.

How long will this continue?

It cannot continue forever. One day, it will end. One day being excessively rich will end.

One day, being excessively poor will end.

One day, working so hard, putting in so much and getting so little while almost all the fruit of your labour goes to the boss will end.

One day exploitation of man by man will end.

It is true that we have entrenched structures to protect the exploiters so the current exploitation system continues, but one day it will end.

What makes me believe so?

The number of poor is growing bigger and bigger. The extremely rich are only a few at the top.

Numbers matter.

One day the majority of those plotted will stand up for their rights. And nobody will stop them.

Injustice can not live forever. It has a lifespan. The truth shall prevail.

This world was created for all her inhabitants to enjoy; and not for anybody to exploit another.

Exploitation is not in God’s plan for the world. Just like good will overcome evil , justice will overcome injustice.

It is only a question of time. Justice will prevail. Exploitation of humans by humans will end.

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