The search continues

The search continues;
I have no reason
To end it;
You don’t stop a search
When you haven’t found
What you’re after;
Who stops
Rowing their boat
In the middle of
A stormy sea?
Stopping would mean
Giving up;
Which in turn means
Saying you have failed;
Do you know what that means?
That the waves
Will sweep you off
Into the high sea;
I never do that;
I have no word at all,
As failure
In my vocabulary;
One cannot call your
Not being able
To do a thing a failure;
The person must wait
Until you admit it is.
What many people call
Is often an opportunity
To revise a chosen method,
Slow down,
Change course,
Or sit and wait;
It might be what
Will enable you to rise
Even higher,
To where you want to go.
In common parlance
We call it
A stepping-stone.
As long as I live,
I don’t have failures;
I have stepping-stones.
I step on them,
I will step on them,
To my promised land.
That is why I boldly,
And confidently say
My search continues;
Your search should continue;
I will never quit.
Let the sky be dark,
With clouds hanging darkly
Over my head;
I will not kill my hope.

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