Happy new month

Happy new month to you;
It’s a brand new month;
The month of August;
The 8th month of the year;
Hard on the heels July;
Dear July, now history;
You were good;
I see August better;
Who can thank God enough?
Don’t wait for a new year
To thank God;
Every month, every week,
Every day and every hour
Is a time for you and me,
To thank God;
His blessings are enormous;
His love boundless;
Thank you lord for you grace;
Thank you
For this new month
Of August!
I commit it to you;
Guide and protect us,
We are nothing without you.
With you, I am confident;
All will be well;
Indeed, it will be;
Happy new month to all!
I will be here
To inspire you throughout;
And to draw inspiration
Also from you;
I like your light to shine;
Let it brightly shine;
Your light is meant to shine.
You are here to shine.
Shine this month of August.

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