While I waited

While I waited
In the queue today,
You flashed through my mind;
Delighted I thought of you;
It occurred to me
I should utter
An inspiring word to you;
One never knows;
Maybe God offered me
This space,
To inspire you,
And maybe also draw
Inspiration from you;
You know
God’s ways are not
Our ways;
He has a plan for us all;
And unveils them
In ways you may not
Easily comprehend;
What I have to communicate
To you,
Hails from my heart;
I believe God has
A big plan for you;
So big you can’t imagine;
He wants you to shine;
He wants you
Not to run, but fly;
And so
He has given you wings;
And not any kind of wings;
Solid wings;
That can lift you high
Up in the sky;
And you will sail for long,
Without being tired;
I urge you
To use them;
Let them take you high;
They won’t do it
On their own;
You will have
To put them
And jump into the air,
Open your wings
And flap.
And keep flapping
Till human eye
Cannot see you,
As you get missing
In the universe;
But keep flapping
Till you return to land.
When your earthly journey
Reaches its terminal.

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