The Master key that many don’t know: obedience

God is great. God is powerful and almighty. God can give you anything you desire.

The immensity of his power is evident to the mind that thinks.

When you look at the universe, you cannot, for one moment, doubt God’s ability to do for you whatever you want.

He is omnipotent.

The universe is the work of His divine and Almighty hands.

Who, apart from God, is mighty enough to produce a product of such magnitude as the universe?

When I sit down and contemplate the greatness of God, I am amazed. I am tongue-tied.

Truly, God has immeasurable power.

He can do anything he likes. Whatever he decides to do, he does.

And he can do anything for anyone. It only requires that he accepts to do it.

In actual fact, He is ready to do whatever you request him to do for you if you qualify for it; and secondly, if what you ask for is good for you.

How do you qualify for him to grant your request.

By first being right with him.

If we are right with God by obeying his command, we will be fine with him.

Keep the commandments of God; obey his laws and you will be fine because he will lift you high.

Great people know that the way to greatness in life is to be obedient to God.

Do what God has asked you to do and God will do what you ask him to do.

When you pray do not waste time to ask for material possessions.

Ask him for his grace to obey him.

That is actually all that you need to do.

It is not how brilliant you are that matters.

It is not how hard you work that matters; neither is it how hard you pray.

It is how obedient you are to God.

Obedience is the master key that many people do not know. With it, you can open any door you want.

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