Relationship: The ability to Relate well with others – an invaluable attribute

The way you relate with others is crucial in determining your success or failure.

If you relate well with others, that will be a plus for you. If you relate poorly, a minus.

The reason is simple, straightforward and clear. You need others to succeed. That is a truism.

You cannot succeed all on your own. You must get the help and support of others.

It is universally acknowledged that no matter how powerful you may be, you need the help and support of others to sail through the turbulent seas of daily living. To weather the storms of life.

These others are not just people of you class. You need connection with people who are above you, just as with those below and those on the same level like you.

You need people who will empathize with you. People on whose shoulders you can stand to see further than your immediate surroundings.

Let me take an outstanding example of a situation we need all classes of people to succeed – the election of the president of your country. That is the highest office in the land. Whoever is the candidate, cannot win alone, without the support of all categories and levels of people; all social classes from the truck pusher to the king in their ivory tower.

Each of them has a right to one vote. Each vote matters and they all have equal power.

If you take away the votes of the common people, the election is lost. The votes of the few rich people cannot be enough to take you to power. What will raise you to power in a free and fair election, is the majority vote.

The majority is not at the top of ladder. It is at the bottom.

Everybody is important. And it is better that we have everyone we come across on our side rather than against us.

Whether someone is your driver, your house help, your door keeper, your colleague, subordinate or superior, establish and maintain a good relationship with them.

If you don’t need them today, you will need them tomorrow.

Interconnectedness is a fundamental law of nature. We are all interdependent. We need mutual cooperation.

When someone succeeds in business, politics or their career, we praise the person which is not a bad thing but what we hardly think of is the hundreds or thousands of people behind that success.

When you see a TV anchor glamouring on the screen, you think they are alone? Not at all. Sometimes, there are hundreds of people in the background doing great work.

John C. Maxwell captures this very succinctly:

“In my organization I don’t have employees; I have team mates. Yes, I do pay people and offer them benefits. But people don’t work for me. They work with me. We are working together to fulfill the vision. Without them, I cannot succeed. Without me, they cannot succeed. We reach our goals together. We need each other” (John C. Maxwell).

Even in the family, no one makes it alone. It’s thanks to the synergy of the combined efforts of different family members.

No one is ever so good that they can do everything alone. Listen to what Hillary Clinton says:

“Being human, we are imperfect. That’s why we need each other. To catch each other when we falter. To encourage each other when we lose heart. Some may lead; others may follow; but none of us can do it alone.”

Your shoulders are not strong enough to carry all the burdens that come your way alone. There are people who can help. You only need to find them.

Mark the words of Rich Warren:

“God doesn’t intend for you to handle all the pain and stress in your life by yourself. We were wired for each other. We need each other.”

The fact that we cannot succeed alone, that we need each other to succeed imposes on us the need to get on well with others. We have to learn to maintain good relations with others.

If you mar your relationship with others, they may become an obstacle to your success along the line.

I see leaders who fall out with every one around them including their closest collaborators. What is worse, they don’t know how to mend fences. This is unfortunate for such leaders. It can easily be said they don’t qualify to lead.

What is your relationship with others around you? Are you on good terms? Do you collaborate? Are you in harmony?

Whether in your community, your work place, your association, whether you are leading people as the president of your country or community or group, the art of relating with people is very not only essential, it is invaluable.

You can reach the mountain summit. But will only be with the help and support of others.

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