Anniversary celebration: Six Years old – Happy birthday!

Hello blogging friends,
What a day of joy!
We are six years old
6 with WordPress;
Six thrilling years;
Writing, posting, reading;
Challenges, many, quite;
But also exciting
And edifying moments;
We have grown tall
And fat as well!
We want to thank
All our readers;
All our followers!
And all our authors;
And Board members;
For your dynamism,
Dedication and fidelity;
It’s thanks to you all,
Success Inspirers ” World
Has become a force
To reckon with;
And we are at initial stage;
Speed brakes, we had,
These last two years
But rest assured
We are soon back on rail;
The rays of the sun
Have started shining
Brighter and brighter;
Many thanks to WordPress
For being there for us;
How could it have happened
Without you?
Thank you!
We start our 7th year
With high expectations;
The best is right here.
We love you all!

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